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Allyn International Services, Inc. (AISI) was incorporated in 1992. Owner/Operators Julie Willard and Allen Trevett developed a small 4-person consulting firm into a worldwide company with expertise in Customs, Logistics, Taxes and Package Engineering.

AISI can serve a wide range of business needs with tax professionals, licensed customs brokers, fully-trained logistics personnel, transportation professionals and packaging engineers.

AISI has offices strategically located around the globe and has personnel with a combined capability to conduct business in 18 different languages.

Growth and Service
AISI is focused on adapting to clients’ needs. This is achieved through on-going training and education programs including Six Sigma, college development courses and team building programs. Client dedicated teams are focused on creative strategies and cost reduction techniques.
We function as your off-site tax office. With our broad based tax technical skill and experience we can provide you with the support you need to efficiently manage your tax compliance and liabilities effectively with a minimum of time and expenses to you.

At AISI, we recognize that the key ingredient to our success is realizing that our customers drive our business. To that end, our day-to-day activities, strategic planning, and vision are based on making it easy to do business with AISI and creating and delivering value.